Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Resolutions

I think were we sometimes go wrong with resolutions is we make it an all or nothing. 

I will do this, I won't do this.

And then we're stuck! If we haven't accomplished our stated goals within a usually unreasonable amount of time, we give up and chalk it up to No-on-keeps-their-resolutions-anyways. I have done this for years! Then we all get to the point where we just don't have new years resolutions. Maybe it's all the pressure we put on new years, and ourselves. But what if instead of wills or won'ts we did more and less?

I will run more
I'll sit and do nothing less.

I'll eat healthy more,
I'll eat out less.

I'll blog more, 
I'll procrastinate less

 And this way, we can forgive ourselves a little bit easier if we don't follow a strict plan, because it's not strict. It's a way to better ourselves a little easier, with no way of failure. 

Happy 2015 Everyone!


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